Frequently Asked Questions

How does this work?
You order online, and our system sends a personal shopper to the store on your behalf. They pick the orders and load them into specialized insulated shipping containers as needed. Goods are then brought to your location and unloaded. You can send us to run any errand, and you can choose any grocery store, or both. You can specify other errands, like dry cleaning pickup, or prescription medical pickup when you submit your order. Our rates for any of our delivery services are $40.00/hr.


Can I copy & paste my own grocery list?
Yes, you can paste your own list into the additional notes box at the end of the checkout process. Click Here to checkout and paste your own list now. However, If you build your list using our e-shop, you will have the option of repeating and editing that order the next time.


What is your refund policy?
You are given a copy of the store receipt upon delivery, so you have the ability to return incorrect products to the store directly if you like. If your shopper really goofed up we'll get you into contact with them to decide the best way to proceed. Most of the labor fees go directly to the shoppers - accordingly any refunds will typically come out of their pocket. In any case Austin Grocer will only guarantee your order up to the total amount of the concierge delivery fee, so please check your order upon delivery for accuracy. You always have the ability to refuse products upon delivery if they are incorrect or damaged. As long as you check your order upon delivery you shouldn't have any problems.


Do you have a Senior Discount?
We offer discounts, for those who need it the most. We call it our *VIP plan for our disabled, senior, and military veteran customers which includes a 10% discount off our hourly rate. AustinGrocer.Com also delivers to retirement homes, assisted living facilities, and home care residences.


How do you ship the groceries?
Independent contractors transport the goods to your location in their own vehicles. They are required to keep insulated totes with ice packs and a dolly for the purposes of facilitating the delivery and keeping your goods fresh.


How quickly can I receive my groceries if I order today?
Same day delivery is dependent upon personal shopper availability, and will include a $25 fee if the order is placed after 6am that day. If you really need it today you can call 512-785-1894 to see if we have anyone available to run your order.


Do you bring the groceries inside?
Yes, Austin Grocer shoppers can bring your groceries inside for you, help you unload them and even put away your groceries in the fridge or your freezer - whatever you need. Our personal attention to each individual customer's needs is what sets AustinGrocer.Com apart from all the rest. However, shoppers may refuse to enter for safety or sanitary reasons.


Can I pay with check or company account?
Corporate Billing Accounts are available to all companies, big or small. With a minimum of 2 orders per month and up to a maximum of 5 orders placed in a 30 day period. At the end of the month Austin Grocer will send you an invoice via email of your total bill. Payment must be received by no later than the due date on the invoice. We have a10 day grace period, after which a $25.00 late fee will be assessed, and $5.00 for each additional day that payment is not received.  Please call us with any questions you may have at (512) 785-1894.


Oops I made a mistake on my grocery order! What can I do?
If you made a mistake and already submitted your order, email or call us as soon as possible with your name and corrections. The earlier you contact us with your request for a correction, the better the chance that we will be able to make the change. Email or Call us at (512) 785-1894 and we will see what we can do, but it may already be too late.


What if an item is out of stock or unavailable?
Some products are frequently out of stock so if you really need something in particular, please make a note in your shopping list.  You can authorize additional stops for products that are particularly important to you. Or Austin Grocer can substitute any item which is a different brand or similar version of that product. If you do not want us to make any substitutions for a particular item, please add special instructions"No Substitute" next to that item or in the additional notes section during checkout.


Should I expect 100 percent accuracy for each delivery?
Our shoppers are highly trained - but they are still human. Occasional errors do occur. You can either contact us or let your personal shopper know directly if they goofed! 


What is your privacy policy?
We value your privacy and we will not share any of your personal or contact information with others.

Delivery Hours

Monday - Saturday
9:00 AM to 8:00PM CST
Closed on Sundays

We cannot guarantee same day delivery

Place your order in advance if possible

Delivery Pricing

$40.00 per Hour
(1 Hour Minimum)
No Grocery Markups!

We accept cash and all major credit cards
No checks except preferred customers
Payments Due upon Delivery

Average # of Items per Hour

1-9 items = .5 hrs
10-29 items = 1 hrs
30-59 items = 1.5 hrs
60-99 items = 2 hrs
100-124 items = 2.5 hrs
125+ items = 3 hrs

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